Land Graphics

Land Graphics – Imagery for Land

Site art, signage and one-of-a-kind detailing in site structures – land graphics. Landscapes offer many engaging opportunities for artistic expression, interpretation and way finding – to name a few. A place of beauty fosters increased civic pride and a consequent reduction in destructive impulses such as vandalism. The meaning or significance of a place can be distilled in an iconic bit of landscape art.

We employ our broad imagination, photographic skills , affinity with a broad range of materials, and CNC technology – to create eye catching land graphics that tell a story, direct the user, or simply contribute to art in the public- or private realm.

We can also prepare composited Photo-realistic renderings – for client and public visualization needs. Some of the slider images above were prepared for Public Open Houses as ‘Existing’ and ‘Proposed”  waterfront roadway improvements. The now-constructed roadside environment looks the same as rendered!

Photography – Except where noted, all photography on this website is by JPH. Yes – we can provide specialized photography to you as well:

  • Technical site photography.
  • Construction Documentation
  • Marketing images
  • Landscape
  • Architectural
  • JPH Artwork

To enquire about our photographic services, Contact JPH