Our Streetscape Reflects Our Culture

Streetscape is a subset of ‘landscape’ that we all have daily experience with. The face we present to the street – or the form of the street, itself – expresses our community sense of  ‘Place’. Almost universally, we tend to characterize streets as attractive, unattractive or nondescript. Obviously this can have both civic and commercial implications. Revitalization of the street increases public pride of place; contributes to economic revitalization; and is a vital step in upgrading infrastructure for our 21st century lives.

Streetscape is not static. As time passes we may become complacent and take less care (and it shows). The passage of time can shift fortunes to newer locales. And the capacity of old public spaces to support modern times can diminish.

Streetscape Design

JPH assists public- and private-sector organizations and individuals in rendering streets that are safe, engaging, people friendly and greener.

Streetscape isn’t just about ‘shrubberies’. Whether it is traffic calming, building facade and signage improvements; the selection of appropriate and attractive lighting; the inclusion of artwork or the addition of landscape greenery – our design philosophy (and practice) is to address the street as an important Place, to be considered holistically.

Part of convincing citizens of what a Place could be, is in visualizing the improvements and then rendering them in compellingly realistic fashion. As the slider images show, JPH excels at both, design of, and rendering of imagined spaces.

For more examples of JPH’s public art, signage and photo compositing and rendering skills, see our Land Graphics  page.