Parks Campgrounds & Resorts

JPH Designs Parks, Campgrounds & Resorts

We are Park Campground and Resort design experts, working at all levels and scales:

  • Private Resorts and Campgrounds – Tsawaak RV Campground Resort  – on the boards – to open 2021. Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation, Tofino, BC.
  • BC Parks – Cape Scott trail; Joffre Lakes trail; Paradise Meadows boardwalk; Oshinaw Lake campground; Horne Lake Caves entry. For more BC Parks works see: Native Vegetation
  • Regional Parks – RDN  (Horne Lake comprehensive concept plan); CRD  (Trans Canada Trail – Humpback to Goldstream)
  • Municipal Parks – several, including: multi-phase, major, city parks (Dick Murphy): community parks (Penfield, Larwood, Frank James); Dog-off-leash (Surrey, Campbell River)

Park Teamwork

Landscape Architects are commonly prime consultants in park, campground and resort projects.  At detailed design it is often necessary  to work with other design professionals – such as engineers, architects, archaeologits and environmental professionals. JPH has a well-established working relationship with several design firms within our region – as a team player and friendly, professional lead consultant.

We Specialize in Waterfronts

Because of our extensive experience in Soft Shore Protection work, JPH is more qualified than most to provide park design expertise along the marine shoreline. Our designs are not only people-friendly, they protect and rehabilitate habitat for critters that live there full time.

For more about soft  shore protection visit:

Often, waterfront parks are linear and/or part of a greenway system. In the context of bigger storms and higher tides it is important that connecting walkways be properly designed and laid out with the future climate in mind. Design for the future (the long run) is a hallmark of all JPH designs and is a core tenet of our professional practice.